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Las Vegas, Worth Staying A While

Corporate Rental Helps Make Your Business Travel Easier

Posted on August 1, 2011 by advisemedia

Many jobs require their workers to travel to certain places for meetings and convention. When employees must travel there are many things they need to do to make sure they are prepared for their trip. The corporation help, but it is usually up to the person traveling to make sure everything is in order. It is up to them to make sure they have everything packed and everything ready to go and that their place to stay is lined up for when they get there. There are certain steps that every employee who is traveling should take…here a few of them.

  1. Make sure you make a list of everything that is needed. The last thing you want to do is forget important notes or what you plan on wearing to the convention or meeting.
  2. When you are packing make sure you are using your checklist. Check things off as you pack them and put everything together to make sure that if you packed it, you end up bringing it.
  3. Before you leave, make sure you double check your flight. Missing a flight could be the difference between making a business deal and losing one.
  4. Before you even step foot into the airport, make sure you know how you will be getting to the place you are staying. Make sure you have something lined up so you can leave the airport in an efficient and quick manner
  5. Make sure the place you are staying is safe and secure and has the amenities you need to make your trip comfortable.


Going on a business trip and staying somewhere uncomfortable is simply not an option. Siena Suites is a corporate rental Las Vegas hotel that has everything you need for your corporate trip. This executive rentals Las Vegas will make sure your stay is comfortable and secure and that you can relax on your next business trip.

Las Vegas Short Term Rentals | Affordable & Beautiful

Posted on July 21, 2011 by advisemedia

Many people choose Las Vegas short term rentals over hotels for various reasons. When you rent a hotel, the price per night is usually the same no matter how long you are staying. The price can quickly add up and before you know it you are spending much more than you anticipated. Staying in hotels is nice because of the accommodations and amenities that they offer but many short term rentals offer the exact same accommodations and amenities. They have all of the perks of a hotel without the worry about over paying

There are many reasons why people look into Las Vegas weekly rentals instead of hotels. When people go on lengthy business trips it is easier for them to experience home-like accommodations and be able to just pay one flat fee for the entire stay. They don’t have to worry about the cost going up on the weekends or during busy times. Another reason people may choose Las Vegas short term rentals is if their home has been damaged. Many unexpected things can happen throughout life. Fire, flooding, and other kind of damage are things that can’t be anticipated but must be take care of. Some people choose to stay at Las Vegas short term rentals if they are going on a lengthy vacation. It is the same as staying in a hotel but for a fraction of the cost.

There are many other reasons for staying in Las Vegas weekly rentals such as being between jobs, between houses, visiting family and friends, renovations on the home and plenty more. If you are looking for an extended stay hotel Las Vegas visitors and residents can count on, Siena Suites is perfect for you. They have great accommodations and amenities that you can enjoy during your stay.

The Perfect Las Vegas Weekly Rentals for Saving Big in Vegas

Posted on July 14, 2011 by advisemedia

When going to Las Vegas it is hard to find the perfect place to stay. First you have to decide how long you plan on staying, whether you are going for a weekend or a week, maybe even longer. If you are staying for more than a few nights, why not check out some place that has Las Vegas weekly rentals. After you figure out how long you are going to stay you must figure out how you are going to get there. Whether you are going to fly, drive, take a bus, or another form of transportation. After you figure this out you must figure out where you are going to stay and how to get to that place. It seems very logical but all of these choices affect one another.

If you are staying for a weekend it seems logical to stay on the strip so you are right in the middle of all the action. But there is more to Las Vegas than just the strip. Las Vegas has so much more to offer and many people don’t even bother to look at the rest. There is so much more shopping and even events at arenas that many people ignore because they are not located directly on the strip. Next time you go to Las Vegas make sure you are staying at an extended stay hotel Las Vegas visitors will love and are enjoying every bit of the city. Make sure you are staying somewhere that gives you access to all these different parts of the city.

If you stay at Siena Suites, you are not only in close proximity to the famous Las Vegas strip but also close to many other features of the city. You will be close to Sam Boyd Stadium, the airport and even the historic Hoover Dam. Next time you visit Vegas stay at a place that offers more than just a strip view. Siena Suites offers Las Vegas weekly rentals rather than nightly rentals. So you can stay as long as you want.

Save Big In Luxury at Siena Suites

Posted on July 7, 2011 by advisemedia

Las Vegas is a city filled with exciting events and entertainment venues to check out. Many people take short vacations to the city, maybe a weekend or three days, this is definitely not enough time to check out all the city has to offer. If you really want to enjoy the city you have to stay long enough to enjoy all of its different aspects.

There are hundred and maybe even thousands different combinations of nightclub, dining, shopping, entertainment and shows to check out on the strip. Each hotel and casino has their own little secrets that they are just waiting for visitors to find out about. Each hotel has a different style and different restaurants and night clubs for visitors to enjoy. How do you choose what to do if you only have two days to do it?

That is why it makes so much more sense to take an extended stay in Vegas. Siena Suites is an Extended stay hotel Las Vegas visitors will love to relax at. It is a place that is conveniently close to the strip while still maintaining its distance. During your stay at this spectacular hotel, you can choose to take a day to yourself while relaxing by the pool or go down to the strip and experience all it has to offer.

The strip has too many exciting activities for you to try and smash into one short weekend trip. Let yourself relax a little bit. These Las Vegas weekly rentals will keep you satisfied during your stay and will let you live in luxury while you explore all that Vegas has to offer. Check out Siena Suites Hotel today to book your trip at this extended stay hotel Las Vegas visitors will love.

Upscale Weekly Rentals in Las Vegas | Stay A While!


Posted on July 1, 2011 by advisemedia

Sometimes one weekend just isn’t enough time to spend in the great city of Las Vegas. Some choose to come down for a weekend and try to fit as much excitement as they can into two days. Two days is an extremely short amount of time to try and fit everything that Vegas has to offer. Vegas offers so much excitement and entertainment.

There are over 50 shows that play on the Las Vegas strip, along with the gambling, fine dining, nightlife and so much more. Two days is not enough time to test out all of these. If you want to spend time in Las Vegas and truly get the most out of your trip, it is worth it to spend a week or more in the great city. The longer you stay the less you feel rushed. The more time you will have to fit in all of these different activities. You need at least a week to get everything out of Las Vegas that you should, maybe even longer. The only problem with staying in Las Vegas for an extended amount of time is the amount of money it costs to stay.

Luckily there is an option that doesn’t put you directly on the strip and lets you stay for weeks or a month at a time. Sienna Suites offers upscale weekly rentals in Las Vegas that visitors can take advantage of. These suites will put you close enough to the strip to explore all of its excitement, yet far enough to away at night and sleep peacefully. Not only do these Las Vegas weekly rentals offers you premier location but it also offers its own amenities so if you choose you can stay back at the hotel and relax. Make your next trip to Vegas one that you can truly enjoy, choose to stay in upscale weekly rentals in Las Vegas rather than trying to make all of your plans fit into one short weekend.