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Las Vegas, Worth Staying A While

Huzzah! Make Way for the 2012 Las Vegas Renaissance

Posted on September 24, 2012 by advisemedia

The Renaissance festival has become a time honored American tradition. Festival goers love to take a walk through an emulated medieval period. Some festivals are short term events held in fairgrounds or other large outdoor public venues while others are permanent installations like theme parks. Most Ren-Fests tend to include a wide array of costumed entertainers, musical and theatrical acts and shows, handcrafted arts and trinkets for sale, and a cornucopia of festival foods.

The lure of the Ren-Fest can be attributed to the slew of reenactments and performers that bring the festival to life. While reenactments are certainly not exclusive to the United States, the Renaissance festival remains undoubtedly American. The Rennaisance festival has become a perfect amalgam of amusement park entertainment, historical representation, and shopping mall charm, while European style historical reenactments act more like a living history style museum of events, places, and people. Renaissance fair guests in the United States have come to expect a certain degree of food, entertainment and libation options when they attend festivals. This years Las Vegas Rennaissance Festival will give festival attendees exactly what they’re looking for, plus a little extra! Don’t miss this years Age of Chivalry festival from October 5th – 7th and book your 2 bedroom suite right near the action!

Things to do off the Strip: Catch a Show at Sam Boyd Stadium

Posted on September 6, 2012 by sienasuites

Visiting Vegas and wanting to see an event not on the Strip? Check out Sam Boyd Stadium for sporting events and shows.

Formerly known as Las Vegas Stadium, this event center hosts a wide variety of entertainment. Popular events include Disney on Ice and Monster Energy Supercross finals.

Siena Suites, extended stay hotel, is conveniently located 1.3 miles from Sam Boyd stadium. Call (702) 648-2100 to make a reservation today.

How To Find a Great Deal on Vegas Hotels

Posted on June 15, 2012 by advisemedia

Las Vegas is dubbed The Entertainment Capital of the World and draws thousands of visitors from all over the world every year. Most of those visitors come needing a place to stay during their visit. Of course there is no shortage of hotels in Las Vegas, but a quick look at the Vegas strip would have you believe that there is nothing but major resorts hotel-casinos. The truth is, that there is more to Las Vegas than just the strip, and there are certainly plenty of places to stay besides the big name casinos. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to visit Las Vegas.

The most obvious way to save money on a hotel is to stay somewhere that is off the strip. Not to worry – if you are in Vegas, the strip is never far and most hotels in the surrounding area have easy access to the strip. In addition, staying off the strip gives you the added bonus of having the opportunity to attend other events and activities that you can’t get on the strip. For example, if you like college football, there are a number of hotels near Sam Boyd Stadium that are less expensive than the hotels on the strip, and you might even be able to see a game depending on the season you visit.

You can also find great deals on travel websites and group deal websites. Group deals are becoming an extremely hot trend in Las Vegas and there has never been a better time to take advantage of these deals. Many times these deals also include restaurant or activity vouchers to go along with the hotel stay. Taking the time to do some research on hotel prices before you book your trip can save you a lot in the long run, and you will have more money in your pocket to enjoy on your vacation.

As with most things in life, taking the time to plan ahead will yield much better results. Doing a bit of research and staying a little further from the strip can maximize your spending money during your stay. Remember, you don’t have to be staying on the strip to be able to enjoy it.

Siena Suites is an off the strip hotel who gives you an affordable rate and great amenities. Call now to book your room 702-648-2100.

Where can I find the best Las Vegas 2 bedroom suites?

Posted on September 19, 2011 by advisemedia

For some people, the thought of going on vacation brings on a migraine. Sure, you could use some time away from the routine, the job, and the familiar surroundings. But the very idea of trying to cram the whole family into one tiny little room with two beds gives you heart palpitations, and not the fun “Let’s book the tickets!” kind. Before you decide that the vacation you deserve is out of reach without destroying your budget or trying to pack half your house into a shoebox-sized motel room, hold on just a second.There’s a better way!

Siena Suites is known to locals and visitors alike as the best, most budget and family friendly extended-stay 2-bedroom suites Las Vegas looks to to set the standard for style, comfort, affordability, and great amenities. There’s no need to try to shoehorn the whole family into two beds and a rollaway, having to listen to the kids fighting and fussing and being stuck in the middle of it with no escape.

With Siena Suites’ two-bedroom suites, you can have all the privacy and “alone time” you need to keep your sanity, and your relationship with your spouse and children, intact. Siena Suites has the same great services and amenities that you’d expect from a Strip resort, at a fraction of the cost. Housekeeping, heated pools, laundry rooms, and fully-equipped exercise rooms give you, and the rest of the family, plenty of options for ways to spend your time both together and apart when you’re not out seeing the sights of the city.

Eating out is fun once in a while, but it’s easy to overdo it when you’re on vacation. Have you ever been on the road and wished you could have a home-cooked meal like your traditional Sunday spread? Siena Suites’ Las Vegas 2-bedroom suites incorporate full kitchens with refrigerators and everything you need to make a healthy meal that tastes like home!

So when you’re planning your Las Vegas trip, no matter what the reason, skip the sardine-can motel you stayed in on your last vacation or an expensive suite at a hotel-casino that’s going to cost you half your monthly income. Call, click, or come by Siena Suites for no-hassle, lease-free lodging, whether it’s just for the night or you’re waiting for your house to be ready and don’t know how long you’ll be. Don’t miss out on the comforts of home while you’re away from home!

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What is the best extended-stay hotel in Las Vegas?

Posted on September 12, 2011 by advisemedia

People come to Las Vegas for a lot of different reasons. Most come to enjoy the sights and the unique thrills and diversions that only Las Vegas can offer. Some come to visit family or to seek employment. Whatever the reason, if you’re staying more than a few days, there seem to be only a couple of options. You can stay in a cheap motel in a bad part of town, and expect to get everything that comes with it. You can crash with your friends and family until you get on each others’ nerves. Or you can rent an apartment, which is expensive and locks you into a lease you may not need or want.

At least, those used to be the only choices. Siena Suites offers a better way: flexible, affordable, no-lease housing for a night or months on end. Siena Suites has all the amenities you’d expect from many of the higher-end Las Vegas hotels, coupled with a relaxing, homey feel. Siena Suites are the extended-stay hotels Las Vegas locals and visitors know as the standard-setter for short-term or extended housing in the area.

Siena Suites features neat, well-maintained landscapes, manicured grounds, exercise rooms with all the workout equipment you need to stay fit, and heated pools. You can relax after a long day on the town in the pool, work off that diet-busting buffet lunch, or just hang out and watch TV in your furnished suite.

If you’re tired of eating out, that’s no problem either! Siena Suites features full kitchens, so you can prepare that taste of home you’ve been missing no matter how long you’re going to be in town. You can have all the comforts of home without having to cut your vacation or business trip short, and best of all, Siena Suites has housekeeping!

Now that you know that extended-stay Las Vegas hotels are a viable alternative to an expensive lease or a dumpy motel with hot-and-cold running cockroaches in a scary part of town, don’t be fooled by imitators who offer great rates and service but build a lot of fine print into the paperwork before you get the keys. Siena Suites is the first, last, and only name in affordable, flexible-term housing. No matter why you’re in town or how long you’re going to be, Siena Suites can help you settle in and feel at home. Call, click, or come by and see why they’re the best short-term rentals in Las Vegas!